First GROWYNG in 2024: A Leap into Impact Investment

Yesterday the first GROWYNG event in 2024 took place. A gathering aimed at demystifying the nexus of impact investment and startup innovation. Hosted by Martina Lartey, who is responsible for our startup lab, the event shone a spotlight on the profound journey of investments that not only promise returns but also foster positive change in education, health, and the environment.

Ingo Dahm, co-founder of capacura, shared his transformative journey from an engineer to an impact investor, highlighting the unique approach of using AI to evaluate potential startup investments. His discussion with Philippa Köhnk revealed the heart of impact investment—evaluating a startup's potential to contribute positively to society as akin to falling in love.

Our own Laura Kohler stepped up to shed light on the critical tools and techniques for impact measurement that investors leverage, emphasizing the need for startups to articulate their impact orientation and KPIs clearly.

The event was not just about insights and discussions. Arman Marvani, aka Dein Couseng, brought a dynamic energy to the stage with his improvised hip-hop performance, showcasing the blend of creativity and innovation that defines our community.

A Visual Journey Through GROWYNG 2024

To truly capture the essence and vibrancy of the event, we invite you to explore our photo gallery.

As we continue to host GROWYNG events, our aim remains to foster a platform for meaningful dialogue and connections, empowering our community to grow both personally and professionally.

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