Let´s Co-Create


Whether you’re a corporate or an investor, we invite you to join us in co-creating what is still needed. From workshops and events to customized programs and solutions – with our expertise and resources we are the right partner to bring your ideas to life with.
So let’s co-create:

  • New Business: From corporate innovation teams over new products & service to corporate ventures spinning out new businesses – we provide you with fundamental expertise to create successful business models.
  • Innovative Solutions: With our venture client models, we are able to deliver innovative solutions right into your corporation.
  • Future Technologies: Our individualized startup accelerator supports you exploring future technologies and businesses for your company.
  • Ecosystems & Events: We amplify what is already successful and support you with our expertise in building strong local and international networks to support startups, partnerships with university incubators, corporates, investors and initiatives – and connect them within adequate event formats.

Let’s explore your possibilities to co-create and reach out:

Tobias Grün