Building a livable future empowering innovators & entrepreneurs

Collaboration is at the heart of our mission We amplify what is already successful & co-create what is still needed

BRYCK is the new innovation hub & future factory in Essen, Ruhr area. We empower and inspire innovators and entrepreneurs to successfully realize their ideas, solutions, and ventures. Collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We amplify what is already successful and co-create what is still needed.

Startup programs

A livable future does not just happen. It is created by entrepreneurs and innovators.

With our startup programs, we inspire and empower innovators, entrepreneurs, and existing startup teams to realize their ideas and bring their ventures and solutions to the next level.

And the best thing: We collaborate with amazing partners from different industries! So whatever field you are working in, we have the network of mentors, consultants, experts, clients, and investors you will need.

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Looking for an inspiring community, co-workers, co-founders, clients, investors, maybe friends? And for the more practical ones: You want endless lunch choices and great urban office views?

Then we got you covered. With a seat in our central 2.000 sqm office in Essen, Berliner Platz.

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MEnt2Be is the event for people with immigrant backgrounds in the startup and innovation ecosystem, presented by BRYCK and 2hearts.

See event details: MENT2BE

Now, what's your BRYCK?

Use Cases

You are a corporate, SME, institute - or have a problem that is bugging you? That one process, you are sure can be done more efficiently?

Let‘s find out if we can solve it together! Our BRYCK team of experienced consultants combined with our partners and experts from different industries and innovative startups is looking forward to tackling your challenges!

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Do you have an idea to solve a problem that could make peoples life easier and have an impact? Amazing! Then you are the kind of person we are looking for to create a future worth living for all of us!

Get to know our mentors and experts, who are experienced founders or field experts to help you get started or tackle specific problems!

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You are a student, Phd, scientist, professor, or any other nerdy mastermind, with a true passion and expertise for a scientific field?

We admire your dedication to changing the face of science! Can we help you with contacts to sponsors, investors, clients, use cases, or an inspiring office?

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You are working with groundbreaking technology, that has the potential to change our way of living?

Whether it is traveling with the speed of light or a self-charging phone: Let us help you with the process of further developing disruptive innovation!

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You are an experienced founder, a field expert in your department, have managed f*** ups and successes during your career - and now want to share your knowledge and experience with aspiring founders and entrepreneurs on their journey to realize their ideas?

That is the spirit we are looking for! Community, support, and collaboration are at the heart of our mission. If you are sharing these values, we should definitely get to know each other!

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You are an investor, VC, or business angel? You are looking for young talents and new ideas with a real impact on building a livable future? You believe in collaboration and partnership when investing?

Then BRYCK is the network for you! From first-time founders to early stage startups, you will find entrepreneurs and innovators who really want to have an impact on a future worth living.

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You are a hub, accelerator program, network, event agency, corporate, or want to support the startup and innovation ecosystem?

Let‘s get to know each other! We‘re all about collaborating to support each other and co-creating what is still needed to create a future worth living for all of us!

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