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At BRYCK, we understand that every startup is unique. That’s why our program schedules are 100 % tailor-made to your challenges. We provide you with result-driven, individual support to help you achieve your goals. And through our extensive network, we enable you to access funding and potential customers quickly and easily.

Startups at heart

Startups are at the heart of our community, complemented by investors, companies and innovation hubs. Since our launch in 2022, we have already supported 50+ European startups with programs in the fields of energy, health, livable cities and hydrogen. Many of them were subsequently able to win customers or close financing rounds.

Experts network

You are looking for peers who inspire, educate, empower and challenge you?

We collaborate with amazing partners from different industries! So whatever field you are working in, we have the network of mentors, consultants, experts, clients, and investors you will need.

companies need solutions to master sustainable change - and that's exactly why it's worth working with Bryck

Martina Viduka, Advosense

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Our programs don't fit you, but you want to be part of our community? Don't worry. Join our Startup Lab to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and tap into a network of potential collaborators, investors, and partners. As a member, you will also have access to exclusive workshops and networking events, as well as free consultations with service providers and our office space in the BRYCK Tower.

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