BRYCK Booster

With our 8-week booster, startups get what they really need: result-driven support to tackle their individual challenges. In our highly flexible, remote-first program, we’re matchmaking your team with an industry expert and a BRYCK mentor to help you boost your business.

What you’ll get:

  • 100 % tailor-made schedule to your challenges
  • Professional support from 1 Industry expert & 1 dedicated BRYCK mentor
  • Access to the BRYCK Community with 50+ members including startups,
    corporates, investors, universities and many more
  • 1 BRYCK on-site Demo Day with potential customers & investors
  • 6 months free membership at BRYCK Tower
  • Up to 150.000 € seed Invest opportunity

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Experienced experts

Dedicated mentors

Program Characteristics