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Our mission: building a livable future together

BRYCK is the new innovation hub and future factory at the heart of the Ruhr area. Germany's industrial center and biggest metropolitan region.

We create a space & network for aspiring founders, growing startups, progressive scientists, accelerating investors, corporate innovators, hubs, accelerators, startup programs and networks.

We think and act in ecosystems - connecting people and communities to amplify what is already successful and co-create what is still needed.

Be part of it. Be part of BRYCK. Let's build a livable future together.

Our Team

Alexander Fromm

Member of the Exec. Board

Amy Adinnu


Ann-Cathrin Sieren

Brand & Communication

Christian Lüdtke

Managing Director

Ciro Del Core


Ersin Üstün


Felix Klatt

Brand & Communication

Felix Schröder

Project Management

Jacqueline Kos

Brand & Communication

Jeanette Pankow

People & Culture

Julian Wessing

Startup Programs

Kevin Kessler

Project Management

Larissa Gajewski

Startup Programs

Laura Kohler

Startup Programs

Laura Profanter-Sonnenschein

Events & Community

Manuela Serges


Marc Aufdemkamp

Brand & Communication

Martina Lartey

Startup Programs

Nikola Vuckovic


Philipp Herrmann

Managing Director

Philippa Köhnk

Startup Programs

Rubem Silva

Brand & Communication

Salvatore Cavallaro

Startup Program Manager

Sarah Wurzer

Brand & Communication

Sophie Nadler

Brand & Communication

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The Ruhr region can look back on a long tradition of start-ups: Germany's industrial heart beat here for many years, and numerous pioneers and thought leaders came from the region. It is precisely this kind of entrepreneurial spirit that is needed today more than ever - after all, it is about the successful transformation of the Ruhr region into a region of the future. Thanks to innovative business models and new know-how, start-ups in particular are a decisive success factor when it comes to accelerating change processes. In order for start-ups to thrive, however, they need an appropriate breeding ground, i.e. an optimal "ecosystem". The BRYCK innovation and start-up center initiated by the RAG-Stiftung is intended to make a significant contribution to this.

"The Innovation and Start-up Center is representative of renewal and transformation in the Ruhr region, a wealth of ideas, a culture of innovation and sustainable thinking.“ - Bernd Tönjes

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