Your Easy AI - How math can drive a livable future


Realizing the full potential of artificial intelligence will boost cities in the same way as the invention of electricity once did - Patrick Imcke

As we have just kicked off our 10-week startup sprint, in which we support chosen early and growth-stage startups to achieve their individual goals, we would like to introduce you to the particitpating startups. Get to know our sprinter and their exciting business concepts and their innovative ideas

Jan Dette and Patrick Imcke are representing the company "Your Easy AI" in the 10-week sprint. We asked these two dedicated mathematicians and founders to present their mission in more detail and how they are contributing to a sustainable future worth living.

  • Company name: Your Easy AI GmbH (in Gründung)
  • Subject area: Artificial Intelligence
  • Founded in: 2022
  • Located in: Essen, BRYCK Tower, 1. Floor - FounderLab
  • Team members: 6
  • Homepage:

Welcome Your Easy AI to the BRYCK Startup Sprint! Could you please tell us, what Your Easy AI is about and what your goal is?

Hi, thanks for having us! We are Your Easy AI and we solve the shortage for artificial intelligence experts by enabling companies to create AI at the highest level – no coding or AI-knowledge required.

A very interesting and complex field - What’s the biggest challenge in this industry & how are you trying to tackle that?

Filling positions for artificial intelligence experts is a lengthy challenge for many companies. They search for suitable people for months, often with the help of headhunters, and yet very rarely find them. To put this into perspective: In 2020, there were 250,000 open positions in the field of Data Science! But does every company really need one Data Scientist to develop AI? We've challenged that and developed a software that automates the creation of AI without the need for an own Data Scientist.

And what exactly makes your company so unique?

We believe that the widespread use of artificial intelligence can create the same added value in the long term as the invention of electricity once did. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for companies to use AI and remove all the hurdles to doing so.

You were asked to pre-determine 3 of your most current challenges that you will be working on during the 10 week sprint - which ones did you decide on?

In any case, we want to boost and improve our sales, develop an efficient system for attracting talents, and determine the optimal time to raise venture capital.

BRYCK is about “building a livable future”. Looking 10 years ahead: what would have changed and how has your company contributed to that?

We see artificial intelligence being used on a very large scale: It leads to more efficient processes, less wasted money, less pollution and a better society. Easy AI's software will have helped companies all the way from 0 to AI.

And on a personal level: What is your personal Y - meaning your personal purpose? Why you are doing what you're doing?

As mathematicians, Jan and I are passionate about solving complex problems - especially when we actually have a good cause to contribute to society.

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