Turning red oceans into green by circularity.


Next generation technologies closing the loop to water circularity in toxic and non-biodegradable industrial wastewater.

We would like to introduce you to our next sprinter and passionate sustainable entrepreneur Peter Muth. His passion: tackling water scarcity! Water is the single most important shared resource across all supply chains and wastewater the largest untapped waste category. Together with his team, the founder of GreenOcean sees water as part of a circular economy, where water retains full value after each use.
Read for yourself how GreenOcean turns wastewater disposal into reuse!

Water is the most critical resource for humanity: GreenOcean’s next generation technologies make an active contribution to return wastewater to the system, allowing its repeated use – Peter Muth

  • Company name:  ​Green Ocean GmbH
  • Company Industry:  ​Water Treatment / Sustainability
  • Founded in: 2018
  • Located in: Essen, Germany / Lichtensteig, Switzerland
  • Team members​: 9
  • Website: https://www.greenocean.tech

Welcome GreenOcean! Please introduce yourself and what you are doing!

I’m Peter Muth, founder of Green Ocean. We develop, build and operate reliable, environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient solutions for problematic wastewater.
Our DNA is continuous research and development of highly innovative technologies and their implementation in industrial processes in order to make a contribution to one of the biggest challenges of our future: water scarcity!

What would you say is the biggest challenge in your industry & how are you trying to tackle that? ​

No one can say they are unaware of global water scarcity, what is coming and where we already are with our planet.

The challenge is not to wait further and just to talk until it's too late but to look ahead, roll up the sleeves and just do something with impact.

How are we trying to tackle: With enthusiasm, boundless curiosity, and expertise but, most of all, with a team, that never gives up, and a smile.
Green Ocean turns the spotlight on the dark corner in the basement, where only a few want to look at: highly toxic, non-biodegradable problematic wastewater and the current way of linear disposal.
But at the same time, GreenOcean provides not only groundbreaking technology, turning wastewater disposal into reuse, but also creating substantial savings in operational and investment costs.
We integrate ecology with economy and make sustainability sexy for both KPI areas, the ESG and profit & loss, of water-consuming industries

And by that: What makes your startup unique? ​

By not thinking of our uniqueness too much…;)
As mentioned before GreenOcean makes sustainability to a cash machine – our partners can save a lot of money with environmentally-friendly behavior. Secondly, our practically proven technologies are revolutionary as they destruct toxic and non-biodegradable chemical compounds in wastewater, sludge and concentrates to up to 90% into water and carbon dioxide. The residues are biodegradable and can be mineralized in a biological treatment plant without disturbances.Our chemical processing technologies are up to 100x more efficient compared to state-of-the-art and offer the missing central element to close the loop to water circularity as they ensure that no pollutants are transferred to other environmental compartments or incineration is needed.

But foremost it’s GreenOcean’s culture, which combines the enthusiasm of different mentalities and backgrounds with a challenging vision.
Our team brings long-lasting track-record of in-depth industry and technical expertise with youthful creativity and boundless curiosity together – in the same heads but also on the opposite side of the table.

Looking forward to the next 10 weeks in the Sprint: What are the 3 current challenges you are working on? ​

1. We’re seeking for cooperation partners ready to tackle water scarcity.
2. Setting up lighthouse projects for water circularity and our shared economy model, which we call “Treatment-as-a-Service”.
3. Finding young talents, ready to join us to build a company for the good of a livable planet!

BRYCK is about “building a livable future”. 10 years ahead: what would have changed and how has your company contributed to that?​

GreenOcean has made a decent contribution to make water circularity ordinary around our blue planet and operates a global network of treatment service centers turning water disposal into reuse, tackling water scarcity;

GreenOcean also has supported to transform the Oil industry into a desert greening industry (today, water is a by-product in oil production with >2,5x more highly toxic water than oil; GreenOcean has already a solution in its pipeline to convert this toxic water into qualities which could be used for irrigation…).

And finally, on a personal level: what is your personal Y - that is, your personal purpose? Why are you doing what you are doing?

Our blue planet is ringing the bell louder and louder and life is too short to wait. I want to use my energy and strengths for the good of a livable planet to our kids.

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