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Fronyx explains, the challenges of convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly public charging of e-cars.

Welcome our second Startup Team from Fronyx: Christopher Burgahn, Founder of Fronyx, and Mike Wiemann, Head of Sales, talk about their intention to support, E-mobility and energy companies, to improve the convenience of charging at public charging stations and to make this infrastructure more sustainable. How they want to achieve this goal, which challenges they have to face and how BBRYCK supports them during the sprint, you can read here.

Electric vehicles are one solution to make a city more sustainable. Convenient, efficient, and green public charging is an essential part to accelerate this transition – Christopher Burgahn

  • Company name: Fronyx GmbH
  • Company Industry: e-mobility & energy sector
  • Founded in: 2020
  • Located in: Essen
  • Number of team members: 6
  • Website:

Welcome fronyx! Please tell us what fronyx is all about and the objective you have?

Thanks, we are happy to be here! We are fronyx, a young, diverse and international team of AI, software and mobility enthusiasts. Together, we are developing products and services, more specifically AI-as-a-service, to support e-mobility and energy companies improve the convenience of charging at public charging stations and operate/maintain this infrastructure as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

In this industry, what is the biggest challenge and how do you try to face it?

Because we currently serve two "industries" (electromobility and energy), we are contributing to addressing two different challenges:

The first challenge is to make the experience of charging at public stations more convenient. The convenience is heavily influenced by the waiting time and number of detours EV drivers encounter / need to do every time they try to charge their car. We address this problem by providing mobility service providers (e-mobility apps) with the best availability predictions for a single charging station.

With the knowledge of public charging behavior from the first challenge, we are in pole position to address a second challenge. This second challenge is to reduce the discrepancy between the energy forecasts that public charging station operators need to make in order to purchase energy and the actual energy consumption in a given time frame at a given charging station.

What sets fronyx apart and what makes it so unique?

What makes us special is that we combine data from two sectors that are increasingly converging (mobility and the energy industry). By transferring data on mobility behavior to the energy sector, we can provide insights into the use of energy infrastructure that have not existed before. We simplify access to AI technologies for electric vehicle charging without the need for data science skills.

During the 10-week sprint, what are the 3 current challenges you are working on?

The first challenge is to establish our existing product, a prediction-as-a-service of the availability of public charging stations in the near future (“Availability”), in the market. As the second challenge, we intend to complete a pilot for our second product, "Demand", a prediction of energy demand at specific public charging stations, to validate our assumptions. Last but not least we will work on designing a funding strategy for the company.

BRYCK's goal is to "build a future worth living". Looking ahead to the next 10 years: What has changed by then and how has your company contributed to it?

Our vision is that by 2030 the use and operation of public charging infrastructure will be sustainable, efficient, and convenient. This vision implies that electric mobility contributes to a large extent to the decarbonization of the mobility sector and thus to a more livable future (especially in cities). With our products and services, we contribute to a faster acceptance of electric vehicles in society.

And on a private level: What is your personal Y - meaning your personal resolution? What is the reason why you do what you do?

We care deeply about our planet and are trying to build something meaningful to support the transition to a more sustainable energy and mobility system. E-vehicles excite us because they allow us to shift from burning fossil fuels to using renewable energy sources. We all like being at the forefront of technological innovation and want to learn how to use new technologies to improve our lives.

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