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Sustayn's mission is to establish sustainability in people's minds in a simple, playful way

To ensure a significant difference in sustainability and a changing environment, people's thinking must first change fundamentally. This movement towards an environmentally conscious attitude is already in full swing. And Sustayn's mission is to embed this attitude in people's minds in a simple, playful way. Janik Seitzer, founder of the company, told us at the beginning of the 10-week sprint how Sustayn wants to achieve this.

The most important lever for embedding sustainability in the company is the involvement of employees. We calculate the resource savings achieved, but equally important to SUSTAYN is encouraging employee engagement and participation – Janik Seitzer, founder of Sustayn

  • Company name: Sustayn GmbH
  • Company industry: IT Service
  • Founded in: 2021
  • Located in: Essen
  • Team members: 13
  • Website:

Hi Sustayn! Please introduce yourself & tell us what you are doing?

Hello BRYCK! Sustainable action can only emerge from within a company - if everyone participates! We achieve this by uniting employees behind sustainability goals and engaging them in the future of the company through knowledge transfer, team challenges and participation. SUSTAYN has developed an integrated platform that combines digital progress, effective sustainability, and the green community.

Since sustainability is a very big challenge - what do you think is the biggest one and how do you try to tackle it?

The companies see the need to change in the area of sustainability. However, some of the structures within the companies are not yet in place, especially the personnel and financial ones. There is great interest in this change and much is already happening in this direction. As a lot is changing, companies have to grow and adapt. This is exactly where we come in: We support companies in simplifying this work and the complexity that comes with it, in order to be an effective accompanying instrument for sustainable change.

And what makes your startup so unique?

We make sustainability tangible for employees by imparting high-quality knowledge in a fun and positive way. We encourage them to build their own sustainability strategy and shape it together with us.

What are your three current challenges you are working on during the 10-week sprint?

First, we want to reach our revenue goal, which means improving our sales strategy and reaching more customers. As a second step, we want to realize our growth and scaling strategy for the company and finally start our next round of foundation.

At BRYCK, it's all about "building a future worth living for." Let's say you look 10 years ahead: What would have changed and how has your company contributed to it?

In our app, we try to encourage behavioral change through many playful elements, so that in 10 years sustainability will be considered a child's play and the most normal thing in the world. We firmly believe that all people in every place, through many small activities, can change the fate of the world.

With our new mobility challenge, for example, we motivate our employees to switch to environmentally friendly means of transport in their city. As part of the community, we can save CO² and work together to achieve environmental goals - by having fun with the challenge, accompanied by environmental psychologists and gamification experts.

On a personal level, what is your personal Y - that is, your personal resolution? Why are you doing what you are doing?

Tackling the climate crisis is the biggest and most important challenge we currently face, and companies in particular have a lot of leverage here. We believe that companies will become future-proof if we can make employees enjoy sustainable behavior. For this purpose, we want to provide them with the knowledge, tools and motivation they need. Because companies need solutions to master sustainable change - and that's exactly why it's worth working for us.

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