The new Innovation Hub in town – and here to stay


BRYCK is the new innovation hub and future factory in Essen – backed by RAG Stiftung and led by a team of known and new faces with one common goal: to create a livable future.

If you know the Ruhr area and the local startup ecosystem, you might ask yourself: Do we really need another hub and co-working space? Essen, Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg, Witten, Herne… on and on goes the list of amazing startup programs, accelerators, incubators, hubs, co-working spaces, networks and more. And we´re lucky we have all of them. Because only with people who are passionate about what they are doing and who believe in innovative ideas and minds, we can create a future worth living for all of us. 

Because we want to join these forces to bring together what is destined to benefit from each other: first time founder, growing startups, investors, corporate innovators, field experts and scientists, hubs and networks from different industries, mentors and trainers. BRYCK aims to connect this potential with inspiration, education, a valuable ecosystem and as a final step also the capital.  

Collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We want to amplify what´s already successful and co-create what´s still needed

 Having an impact on our future can´t be done in one day. And not alone. We are looking for partners that are willing and able to match our long-term approach and are ready to challenge our future way of living. 

The first partners are already on board: RAG Stiftung, H2UB, Gründerallianz Ruhr, Gründerfonds Ruhr,, Code+Design, Masterplan, GUIDE

You are a future founder, startup, scientist, investor, startup supporter, mentor, network or hub, corporate innovator or someone looking to join a community of likeminded people? Join us in our mission and let´s build a livable future together