Reducing CAPEX and OPEX of hydrogen investments


CibusCell is a leading advocate for the conversion of the largest greenhouse gas emitters to green hydrogen

In the H2UB x BRYCK Sprint, we now introduce you to our sprinter Marcus Ruebsam, co-founder of CibusCell! CibusCell is a leading advocate for the conversion of the largest greenhouse gas emitters to green hydrogen. Because to achieve the Paris climate protection goals, we need green hydrogen: only the production of this hydrogen does not require any fossil raw materials! However, the integration of this takes time. Time that we do not have. With the help of special software solutions, CibusCell wants to shorten this process and thus contribute to making the transformation happen as soon as possible. Marcus Ruebsam explained to us how:

“More than 25% of the worlds energy has to be green hydrogen to reach climate goals.” - Marcus Ruebsam

  • Company name:  CibusCell Technology GmbH
  • Company Industry:  Green Hydrogen
  • Founded in:  2021
  • Located in: Speyer, Germany
  • Number of team members: 11
  • Website:

Hello CibusCell! Please introduce yourself and what CibusCell is doing?

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Marcus Ruebsam and I´m one of the founders of CibusCell. We are a software company from wonderful Speyer and with our SaaS solution we help scaling commercially viable green hydrogen.

In your industry, what is the biggest challenge you face and how do you try to overcome it?

Without digitalization, there will be no hydrogen industry. Along the green hydrogen value chain, sectors must be coupled that are not yet coupled. The weather: there is not always sun and not when you need it. And the matching of renewable energy supply and demand requires constant planning and optimization of data.

Therefore, what makes your company unique?

With our innovative software solution, the commercial use of green hydrogen can be accelerated by about four to seven years.

Can you tell us which 3 goals you would like to work on during the 10-week sprint?

1. We want to initiate more pilot projects.
2. We want to expand our team.
3. We want to build a successful Go-to-Market.

BRYCK is about “building a livable future”. Looking 10 years ahead: what would have changed and how has your company contributed to that?

We want to have managed by now to accelerate the scaling of green hydrogen by 4 to 8 years. Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future and in 10 years it will be used as energy storage for green electricity, gas and as a raw material for industry.

Finally, on a personal level: what is your personal Y - that is, your personal purpose? Why are you doing what you are doing?

I want to combine my experience, my global career in the software industry, with the knowledge of our engineers and use it together to drive #climatechange and establish green hydrogen as the fuel of the future in the world.

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