QRaGo – Patient transport: faster, smarter, better


The enormous number of daily patient transports poses a complex challenge to the healthcare system. QRaGo provides a solution.

“The current centralization of healthcare facilities and demographic change are resulting in more and more patient trips. We are taking on the topic to optimally control this additional demand. “ - Christian Ruff, QRaGo

New regulations and quality standards additionally increase the organisational effort. With the help of a system of automated processes and user interfaces, QRaGo offers a central contact point for patient transport. In the first step, the service is aimed primarily at providers and health care facilities, but it will soon be expanded. In which direction? And what answers does QRaGo give the health system? Also: What challenges lie ahead? Co-founder Christian Ruff gives answers.

  • Company name: QRaGo GmbH
  • Company Industry: Healthcare, Software, Logistics
  • Founded in: Nov 2019
  • Located in: Stuttgart and Remote
  • Team members: 17
  • Website: www.qrago.de

Who are you and what does QRaGo stand for?
In the healthcare environment, the upstream and downstream processes are often forgotten, for example the transport of patients and materials. QraGo has set itself the goal of digitizing external patient and material transport. Through automated interfaces between all parties involved (medical facilities, driving services, logistics, health insurance companies and patients), we eliminate manual processes, reduce organizational effort and offer continuous transparency.

What are currently the biggest challenges in patient transport?

The current centralization of healthcare facilities and demographic change are resulting in more and more patient trips. We are taking on the topic to optimally control this additional demand.
At the same time, the understanding of quality in the field of transport is increasing. New specifications, standards and laws are issued that must be complied with. We make the quality visible and help to comply with it efficiently.

QRaGo is available for both service providers and patients themselves. How does your concept work?
Currently, QRaGo is only available for healthcare professionals and driving services. The patient does not immediately notice what is being done to ensure that his journey is carried out in a timely and comfortable manner.
Next year, we will expand our service to include patients themselves. We have already set the course for this.

To what extent do both sides benefit and what opportunities does this open up for the future?

QRaGo's value proposition is that all participants (direct or indirect) benefit from the platform.

  • The patient is our focus: He should be transported on time, comfortably and with the right quality.
  • As far as possible, medical facilities should no longer have to deal with the hassle of ordering transport orders. So that they can focus on their core tasks here.
  • Driving services should drive more efficient tours, receive more orders that actually fit together and be able to present their good services to the customers.
  • Health insurance companies or payers should only pay what was necessary. We reduce the wrongly ordered trips and lead to transparency. At the same time, we reduce cases of fraud and manage to pass on data digitally

In the future we want to cover even more topics in the field of logistics, since the needs in healthcare are the same everywhere.

  • Who can make the drive?
  • When is the driver coming?
  • How much is the ride?

Potential customers ask themselves all these questions in the field of laboratories, material transport and medicines.

What steps would you like to take in the BRYCK Healthcare Sprint?
During the sprint, we want to deal with strategic issues. How can we grow even faster? How can we implement the projects faster? What other business models are there?

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