PMR Tech leads industrial companies into the carbon-neutral future


Green hydrogen instead of fossil fuel gases: PMR Tech enables companies to transition their fossil fuel-based processing plant to renewable green hydrogen

The H2UB x BRYCK is all about hydrogen! This also applies to our next sprint team from PMR Tech. Together, Phillip Reisenberg, founder of PMR Tech, and his colleague Christian Kallwass are participating in the 10-week hydrogen sprint and have their plans set high: Many industries still use fossil gases to process a wide variety of materials and operations. PMR Tech wants to help companies switch to their innovative climate-friendly alternative and support the transition to a carbon-neutral industry: Green hydrogen instead of fossil fuel gases is their claim. In our interview, they tell us how they came up with this idea and why it is difficult to establish their alternative in this industry.

We enable our customers to transition their fossil fuel-based processing plant to renewable green hydrogen and increase quality and productivity in the same go – Phillip Reisenberger

  • Company name:  PMR Tech
  • Company Industry:  Clean Tech – Water Electrolyzers
  • Company founded in:  April 2019
  • Company located in: Bochum
  • Number of team members: 2
  • Website:

Welcome PMR Tech! Could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you are doing?

Hi, we are PMR Tech! PMR Tech is providing a decarbonizing solution to industries, which use fossil-based gases like propane, acetylene, and natural gas in their processes. Our mixgas-electrolyzers replace these by producing a hydrogen-oxygen-mixgas on-site and on-demand and combine economic with ecological benefits at the same time. The main benefits are:

  • CO2-neutral
  • increased production speed
  • reduced gas cost
  • higher quality of the endproduct

Benefiting industries are steel (oxy-fuel cutting), glass (glass processing), and electronics industry (soldering and brazing), just to name a few.

Now, in your industry, what is the biggest challenge, and in what ways do you try to overcome it?

The biggest challenge is finding innovators in our targeted industries. According to the principal – never change a running system – it is hard finding a company willing to take a risk now to profit in the future. We are tackling this challenge by getting in touch with many companies and tapping into our networks.

And why is your start-up unique?

Our water electrolyzers produce a gas mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, which allows us to lower production costs and therefore become economical for new industries.
We are not a typical power to x company. We specifically target companies that are not considered by the hydrogen boom in the media yet.

During the 10-week sprint: what are the 3 current challenges you are working on?

Our main challenge is to secure seed funding to kickstart our success story. Acquiring customers and industry partners for test runs in the different fields of application are our other challenges. We are also busy engineering and on bringing our machine to market.

BRYCK is about “building a livable future”. Looking 10 years ahead: what would have changed and how has your company contributed to that?

We will have contributed to “building a livable future” by reducing CO2 equivalent to planting several Million trees every year. The technology on a world scale has the potential to save over 100 million tons of CO2 per year. We also enable our customers to become fossil-fuel independent, which is especially crucial during the current crisis. We are a perfect match to help our industries in the transition to a carbon-neutral future.

On a personal level: what is your personal Y, your personal purpose? Why are you doing what you are doing?

We are mainly motivated by our own interest in the fascinating process of water electrolysis and its highly diversified purposes. We have the vision of transforming several industrial processes in the long run. We love what we are doing and if we can earn good money and make this world a cleaner place in the same go, that sound pretty desirable to us. We always have new challenges and meet interesting people while solving them.

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