Hydrogen is the future of the automotive industry


- and that creates a livable future. Maximilian and Daniel about their startup HTM

The H2UB Sprint is a 10-week coaching program. It is specifically designed to help startups grow their business by providing the right impulses tailored to their needs. During the program, founding teams focus on selected core challenges, supported by group and 1:1 coaching sessions with dedicated business mentors and experts.

We would like to introduce you to the particitpating startups. Get to know HTM - Hydro Technology Motors GmbH, the H2UB startup sprinters Maximilian Wack, CEO and Founder, and Daniel Mescheryakov! We had the pleasure of meeting these two incredible entrepreneurs who told us about their purpose with HTM and what they hope to achieve with their machines one day!

The advantage of our concept enables us to make hydrogen mobility accessible to the masses. We see ourselves as the first real option be able offer hydrogen mobility today at comparable acquisition and maintenance costs for the end customer – Maximilian Wack.

  • Company name: HTM Hydro Technology Motors GmbH​
  • Company Industry:  ​Automotive
  • Founded in: ​2019
  • Located in: area Koblenz
  • Number of team members​: 4
  • Website: https://hydrotechnologymotors.de

Hi HTM! What is HTM and please tell us, what you are doing?
Hello BRYCK! So, we at HTM are working on the sustainable hydrogen mobility of tomorrow. We pursue the explicit goal of developing the most sustainable and affordable vehicle in its class with our so-called Generation ONE product. With Generation ONE we want to achieve what other mobility start-ups fail on; Bringing a sustainable vehicle to market quickly and within reach of customers.

Overall, what is the biggest challenge in your industry and how do you try to overcome it?
Today the market opportunities for hydrogen-powered vehicles are exciting. Society is looking for options for its individual mobility, with price, comfort, and, above all, the vehicle's sustainability being the decisive factor. The problem is that current hydrogen vehicles are not widely available and are extremely expensive to buy. This is precisely where we want to start and close this gap.

What makes your HTM unique in this industry? ​
We are a unique team and are all entirely behind our company as we see the need for change in our industry. In addition, our product, the GENERATION ONE, is a unique vehicle that has never been seen before.

What 3 current challenges are you focusing on during the 10-week sprint?
Our primary focus lies on financing, and we are also planning to analyze our market entry strategy again in detail with our mentor and expert. We are also currently working on potential patent applications. ​

BRYCK's mission statement is "creating a future worth living". 10 years ahead: What has changed and how is your company involved?
Our startup is impact-driven. We see the automotive industry's challenge and want to be part of the new mobility. In 10 years, our vehicles should enable our customers to be genuinely sustainably mobile without having to forego any of the comforts they are accustomed to.

Finally, on a private level, what is your personal Y - that is, your personal purpose? Why are you doing what you are doing?
My co-founder Silas and I started with the idea when we were still in school because we recognized very early the problems that a total switch to battery-electric vehicles would bring. In our opinion, local pollution is just as crucial as the pollution in the upstream process or recycling. For this reason, we started working on our project a few years ago: we wanted to create a possibility that would allow people to continue individual mobility but without being harmful to the environment or impractical. This is precisely the reason why today we work 24/7 on our project, to be able to implement our concept of genuinely sustainable mobility.

H2UB Sprint powered by BRYCK
H2UB Sprint powered by BRYCK

About the H2UB Startup Sprint powered by BRYCK:   

During intensive 10-week sprints we support early and growth stage startups in achieving their individual goals – with customized support by our mentors and experts, tailor-made for the individual needs and challenges of our participating startups. The program is impact-driven with a focus on new technologies and sustainable business concepts, but above all designed to accelerate your individual startup growth.   

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