HEE Technologies – The easy way into the hydrogen era


With stationary fuel cell systems into a sustainable future that can rely on 100 % renewable energy.

“With our system, we aim to facilitate the self-sufficiency of our target group, help them go green with comfort and ease“ - Xudong Liu, HEE Technologies

The green future is no longer just a "can do", but a must. To help individual companies make the leap into these new structures, HEE Technologies supports them with its stationary fuel cell systems, which are easy to install and produce energy and heat simultaneously. Why the team considers trust in hydrogen indispensable, how companies benefit from it and what the start-up wants to work on in the H2UB Sprint, is explained by the responsible person for business development, Xudong Liu.

  • Company name: HEE Technologies GmbH
  • Company Industry: Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • Founded in: 2018
  • Located in: Cologne
  • Team members: 10
  • Website: www.hee-technologies.com

Who are you and what do you want to stand for with HEE Technologies Hydrogen Energy Era?
I am Xudong Liu, responsible for Business Development at HEE Technologies. I want to stand for energy equity, energy security and environmental sustainability with HEE Technologies.

There is more talk than ever about the future of energy supply. Why is hydrogen the answer to this issue?
For energy equity, as a secondary energy source, hydrogen can be produced from various renewable sources, thus is potential to be free from geographically incurred scarcity and be accessible to everyone.
For energy security, hydrogen can even the distribution of available energy sources in space, as well in time in terms of energy storage, furthermore, coupling different sectors and enhance the overall system resilience.
For environmental sustainability, with fuel cell, the only emission of hydrogen will be pure water, and if the source of hydrogen is wind or solar power, the whole process will be carbon free.

Why is it that your Hydrogen Powerhouse can play a major role on this path - even on a global scale?
Our hydrogen powerhouse can utilize hydrogen with high efficiency and supply both power and heat in a clean, quiet and flexible way. For energy equity, it can be easily moved, installed and managed locally, so to empower communities to decide their own use of energy. For energy security, it can be operated in a highly dynamic way to stabilize the grid, meanwhile supports blackstart and island mode in case of grid outages. For environmental sustainability, the only emission of the whole process is water, and the process is noise- and vibration-free.

How do you want to support your target group on the road to hydrogen?

We offer free consultation on integrating our powerhouse into buildings, energy systems and the whole supply chain. If our system is deployed, we also provide operation and maintenance services. With our system, we aim to facilitate the self-sufficiency of our target group, help them go green with comfort and ease.

What challenges do you want to tackle with the help of the H2UB Sprint?
Find customers that are willing to join this journey and can make decisions on their own. Find investors that enable us to scale up our production and grow our team. Find project partners to develop a show case of our system with us.

About the H2UB Sprint produced by BRYCK:   
It is a 10 week coaching program, that takes place twice a year. It is specifically designed to help start-ups accelerating their business by providing the right impulses, adapted to their needs. During the program the founder teams concentrate their efforts on selected core challenges, supported by group and 1:1 coaching sessions with dedicated business mentors of our partner BRYCK and hydrogen industry experts. The kick-off, interim and investor pitch presentations are organized as on-sites at our BRYCK tower in the heart of Essen, to enjoy the dynamical team spirit of the group, whereas most of the coaching sessions take place in a virtually workspace. The H2UB Sprint program is fully funded by H2UB, supported by its corporate partners and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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