GreenFlash – The 360° solution for green energies


Green energy, but make it smart. With their software, GreenFlash make the sustainable transformation as easy as it gets for companies.

„We aim for a world where using green energy is the norm. We also believe that it is easy and profitable for companies to switch to photovoltaics and electric mobility.”
- Johann Böker, CEO of GreenFlash

From the photovoltaic system and the electricity storage system to the charging infrastructure and the appropriate software behind the entire system - GreenFlash takes the hassle out of the path to more sustainability with their all-in-one package. CEO and founder Johann Böker tells us how a single start-up can address so many parameters simultaneously, what significance their solution plays in the face of current challenges and why the founding team's hearts beat for this project.

  • Company name: GreenFlash
  • Company Industry: Renewable Energy
  • Founded in: 2022
  • Located in: Lingen and Essen, Germany
  • Team members: 16
  • Website:

Who are you? And what do you stand for with GreenFlash?
Hi, I’m Johann Böker – CEO & Founder of Greenflash and I’m very happy to share my vision with you.
Our goal is to implement the energy transition – smart and fast. As a solution provider and with a great deal of passion, we are driving the integration of photovoltaic systems and environmentally friendly mobility to make them as simple as possible and economically attractive for companies.

Where do you see a need to catch up in Germany's energy landscape - and how are you helping to find the answer?
There is a great need for the expansion of renewable energies. German companies could make a significant contribution to stabilizing the electricity grid by relying on the power of the sun. Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of power that costs nothing to use.
Additionally, the carbon balance of photovoltaics is excellent – the amount of carbon that a solar installation saves over its entire lifetime exceeds the amount that is generated during its production many times over. We believe: decentralized energy use is the future.

How do your three approaches intertwine and why is this the right way to go?
We advise, plan and implement the entry into intelligent, sustainable and long-term efficient energy and mobility concepts for companies. In other words: We think 360°!
After a detailed consultation and feasibility check, we completely take over the organization of major projects and make sure that our clients profit from their investment. To minimize downtime, we take care of the monitoring afterwards.

What does the future of the energy transition look like thanks to GreenFlash?
We think big and have many plans to drive the energy transition forward. And we are sure: independence from the power grid is becoming more and more important – especially for energy-intensive companies.
But there are also changing needs and expectations due to new mobility. Businesses, filling stations and fleet operators must increasingly cater to these needs with suitable EV charging infrastructure solutions.

On a personal level, what is it that makes the energy sector so important to you? What is your biggest driving force behind GreenFlash?
We aim for a world where using green energy is the norm. We also believe that it is easy and profitable for companies to switch to photovoltaics and electric mobility. Thus, we want to encourage as many companies as possible to participate in a future of green energy. That is why we offer a holistic management package.

For which challenges are you looking for support right now?
We are looking for strategic partners to benefit from each other and to grow together. Having moved into our new premises in Essen, we are also looking for a few new talents to join our team. And in order to help even more companies on their path to green energy, we are currently striving for a deeper understanding of the needs of our target group.

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