Fast Sense – No future without gas


For a traceable and targeted use of gas and especially hydrogen, Fast Sense offers a monitoring system with high precision.

“Fast Sense ensures the customer knows exactly what’s in their gas, how it performs and what they are paying for. There is no room for approximations; quantification in consumer consumption needs to be exact.“ - David Sutter, Fast Sense

In response to the energy challenges of the present, electricity is increasingly taking centre stage - but the future will not work entirely without gas. To ensure that gases in general and hydrogen in particular can be used in a traceable way, Fast Sense provides a one-stop solution with a monitoring system. Co-founder David Sutter tells us how companies can benefit from this, how their sensors work and how the start-up can take the next steps.

  • Company name: Fast Sense Ltd
  • Company Industry: Hydrogen Monitoring and Analytics
  • Founded in: 2022
  • Located in: Israel
  • Team members: 6

Who are you and what do you want to stand for with Fast Sense?
Fast Sense is a group of scientists and innovators with experience in delivering affordable user centric products. Fast Sense ensures the customer knows exactly what’s in their gas, how it performs and what they are paying for. There is no room for approximations; quantification in consumer consumption needs to be exact.

One foot in gas dependency, the other in the path to hydrogen. What are the key challenges for society and the industry in this current process?
This generation can turn things around for our future and the planet's future to live on. I think the main challenges in society is understanding our energy requirements and the problems that surround production, distribution, and storage.
The problem is that we have an energy war going on (yes, not just Europe), but I’m talking about gasification vs electrification. Since electricity - in particular battery powered vehicles like Tesla - is all the hot rage right now, it is making the gas companies look like bad news. Gas plays an essential role in society, and we cannot rely strictly on electricity.

Your platform is intended to act as a solution provider and is used primarily for monitoring. How can it help companies along the way?

We provide a global monitoring system where transparency of our gas and energy data is readily available to eventually help suppliers, customers, and anyone else in the hydrogen supply chain understand the supply and demand at that particular moment.
Our aim is to monitor the transition from natural gas into Hydrogen and Biomethane. Fast Sense has the unique ability to understand what is happening where and when the optimal amount of green gas is being consumed, at prime moments, where alternative solutions on the gas/electricity grid may be tied up.

How can a non-expert picture the way your smart sensors work? What makes them special?
Our sensors are miniature which means they can be delivered and demonstrated as a plug & play embeddable or integrated solution for the average gas installer or gas meter provider to offer as an auxiliary product.

What specific challenges do you want to tackle at the H2UB Sprint?
Managing the data aspect and exceptions of customers that are wanting the product and getting them an early version to use and test.

About the H2UB Sprint produced by BRYCK:  

It is a 10 week coaching program, that takes place twice a year. It is specifically designed to help start-ups accelerating their business by providing the right impulses, adapted to their needs. During the program the founder teams concentrate their efforts on selected core challenges, supported by group and 1:1 coaching sessions with dedicated business mentors of our partner BRYCK and hydrogen industry experts. The kick-off, interim and investor pitch presentations are organized as on-sites at our BRYCK tower in the heart of Essen, to enjoy the dynamical team spirit of the group, whereas most of the coaching sessions take place in a virtually workspace. The H2UB Sprint program is fully funded by H2UB, supported by its corporate partners and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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