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For a school education that also prepares for the digital realities, eduneon offers the innovative all-in-one package for school providers (authorities) and schools

“In times of Fake News, Alternative Media, massive social inequalities, and an increasingly digitised working environment it is urgent to prepare the youth for the digital challenges of the future and to move safely and competently within a digitised every day and working world.“ -Clemens Grolman, eduneon

The world is becoming more and more digital - only in the school system things seem to run a bit more ponderously. To provide schools with a kick-start on this path, eduneon offers various data-based and automated applications that support schools and school authorities and enormously accelerate the digitization process. Founder and CEO Clemens Grolman tells us how exactly this business model works, where the education system's biggest hurdles are and what eduneon want to work on in the BRYCK Sprint.

  • Company name: Eduneon
  • Company Industry: GovTech
  • Founded in: 2022
  • Located in: Berlin
  • Team members: 7
  • Website:

Who are you? And what do you stand for with eduneon?
Eduneon is a digital platform for schools, public school authorities and all actors involved in the digitisation process, which facilitates a continuous needs-based procurement for schools with technology and technical infrastructure. We offer state-of-the-art support tools for every phase of school digitisation, allowing for maximum efficiency in the process.

You want to transform the school system – but where are the current deficiencies?
Schools in Germany have a huge backlog in digitalisation. Most German schools are not at all or barely equipped with technical infrastructure, more than 60% of schools still lack student accessible WIFI, while teachers are poorly skilled in using technology – all standing in the way of modern education in schools, restricting the opportunity for each student to reach their full potential.
In response, the German government has made available a fund of €6.5 billion (the so-called Digital Pakt Schule) from which not even 20% have been called up after three years. Most recently, the Federal Court of Auditors criticized that not only was a large part of the €6.5 billion of funds made available not called up, but the whole funding process managed by government and states was also characterized by a lack of proof of use of funds as well as a lack of data-based needs assessment to determine where is to be invested specifically.

Why do you have a strong commitment to the education system?
We all feel the necessity to drive digital change in the education system not only because we all went to school and know how frustrating the school infrastructure in terms of digital education in Germany is, but because we’re also driven by the social purpose to get the German education system to the next level.
In times of Fake News, Alternative Media, massive social inequalities, and an increasingly digitised working environment it is urgent to prepare the youth for the digital challenges of the future and to move safely and competently within a digitised every day and working world.
We want to contribute with our work in the educational field to building a society, in which every individual can develop, from each according to its abilities, to each according to its needs.

How does the school of the future look like thanks to eduneon?
With Eduneon’s platform, not only will the procurement for schools be accelerated, but foremostly schools will always be equipped with the latest technical infrastructure based on highest quality and specific pedagogical needs.
There is an efficient technical infrastructure with stable WLAN, a reliable administration and learning platform as well as a sufficient number of end devices in classrooms and at home. Schools have tailormade pedagogical concepts about how to teach students digital competences and the right technique for everyday school life as well as how to ensure that the teaching staff is capable of seamlessly handling technology to unleash the full potential of each student.

What is your personal motivation for doing what you do with eduneon?
Building something no one has built before. Growing and learning each and every day. Solving a clear pain point that can have an immense impact for the good.

For which challenges are you looking for support right now?
Having finished the development of our MVP, our first challenge is to win our first public school authority as a customer. During this process we intend to create a case study from first point of contact to closing, in order to develop a blueprint for future customer acquisition. Also, we will develop an onboarding process that we can replicate in future.
Our second challenge is to win further public school authorities in “crossing the 10”. To achieve this, it is essential for us to understand our buying center, to get our elevator pitch spot-on and to prepare an event in Schleswig-Holstein, the federal state in which we have already won a state-wide framework agreement. Numerous potential customers will attend and we want to convince them of our product.
Our third and final challenge is to verify our pricing strategy against the market to ensure it's both accepted by potential customers and scalable.

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