DeveciTech – On the Highway to green energy


With the ENLIL - the first vertical smart wind turbines - Deveci Tech generates green energy on the roadside.

Roads do not have to be merely a symbol of resource waste and pollution - they can also become part of the energy transition. That is what Deveci Tech, whose smart wind turbines enable immense savings in waste while producing energy efficiently and sustainably, are championing. In the run-up to his participation in the BRYCK Startup Sprint, founder Kerem Deveci tells us about the absolute urgency to take action now, the benefits of his product and the challenges facing a start-up that has already gone viral.

  • Company name: DeveciTech
  • Company Industry: Renewable Energies
  • Founded in: 2017
  • Located in: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Team members: 5
  • Website:

“I don't think it's humane to harm the environment just for luxury. With the same logic, I think that renewable energy is not a luxury but a necessity.“ - Kerem Deveci

Who are you? And what do you stand for with DeveciTech?
I am Kerem, the founder of Deveci Tech. I actually represent the next generation. After all, I am just one of millions of young people who strive to make our world a better place. Because the next generation will not have such a chance.

Has the energy sector been forced to make a move? Where do you see the biggest challenges for the industry?
The biggest challenge facing the energy sector now is to raise public awareness. We do not need energy today, but we waste so much that our consumption is constantly increasing, no matter how many new power plants we build.
Not only do we need more efficient systems, we also need to reduce people's energy consumption. I don't think it's humane to harm the environment just for luxury. With the same logic, I think that renewable energy is not a luxury but a necessity.

Where does Devecitech come in? What does your solution look like when put into practice?
Our aim is to transform Highways into renewable energy sources. We prevent losses in transmission lines by generating energy with both natural winds and waste winds produced by vehicles and consuming the energy where we produce it. Energy transmission losses are up to 20%. It is possible to offer more efficient and environmentally friendly local solutions with decentralization systems.

To what extent are they a contribution to a sustainable future?
We provide energy efficiency around 20% by eliminating transmission losses, and additionally, we can achieve 25% efficiency by utilizing the effect of vehicles. While doing this, we aimed to contribute to the environment.
With our unique technology that we developed together with Araymond, we removed the epoxy on the production line and were able to produce turbine blades with bio and reusable plastic. In this way, we have reduced carbon emissions by 65%. In addition, we reduce bird deaths by 70% by using black color blades.

What particularly inspires you in your work for DeveciTech?
I cannot say that a single event or a single person inspired me. Throughout history, we have faced different disasters and caused most of them, but we still found the solution. In the most desperate moments, a small spark can turn into a fire.
What inspires me is humanity's ability to do good, the threat we face right now, the biggest threat ever: Humanity's greed is being answered by nature. This threat may not be our generation's fault, but we are a generation destined to work for the betterment of mankind and fix the mistakes of the generation before us. This responsibility rests on our shoulders.

For which challenges are you looking for support right now?
By putting 1 video online, we were able to generate tens of millions views and puplic attention. You may have seen us on FORBES, Word Economic Forum, BBC News, etc. Our product has gained a worldwide reputation and is recognized by people. People share our passion - they started sharing our video everywhere because people really want to change the world.
Unfortunately, the idea alone can't get you anywhere. Even though our first pilot experiment made an impact all over the world, funding is needed for an Industrial project. The development process of our project was paused for 2 years due to the COVID epidemic. A 2 year pause for startups like us can be fatal. However, we came back by moving even faster after COVID, but our lack of capital continues, right now VC is our priority.

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